Has Beyoncé Removed A "Milkshake" Sample From Her Song "Energy" After Kelis Called It Theft?!


Now, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been hiding under a rock, minding ya own business, not a fan of Beyonce or simply do not know who Kelis is “ You’re too young for this convo if this is the case”. We know you’ve heard the track Break My Soul. It’s a track from Beyonce’s new Renaissance album.  

But honay, the streetz are talking and they’re saying that Queen Bey is living her best PettyPal season yet! 


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According to popular blogs, Beyoncé has eliminated the sample of "Milkshake"la-la, la, la…la” melody in her track"Energy" from her new album Renaissance after Kelis hinted it was used without her permission. Missed that? Listen here Kelis said it clearly was not a collaboration and stressed that as an artist, she should have at minimum, received a phone call or somin. 

After the backlash Yonce received, Tidal and Apple have eliminated the part of "Milkshake," said to be heard in the beat that shows up toward the end of the song "Energy." And it is unknown at this time whether other web-based streaming services will do the same.


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