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I'm A Woman Tshirt

I'm A Woman Tshirt

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Introducing our "Im a Woman. Not a Cis Anything. A Woman. Period." T-shirt—a bold statement that effortlessly shuts down any attempts to box you into labels. This ain't your run-of-the-mill tee; it's a sassy manifesto!

Are you tired of society's incessant need to label everything under the sun? We feel you! So, we crafted this sassy masterpiece to make it loud and clear that you're not here for their narrow-minded categorizations. You're a woman—plain and simple, without any fancy prefixes or unnecessary buzzwords. 

Slip into this comfy, cotton cocoon of confidence, and watch as the haters' heads explode with frustration. It's like fashion mixed with a dose of truth serum—unapologetically telling the world, "Hey, you can take your cis-this and cis-that and shove it!"

And for those who still don't get the message, we've included a tiny period at the end, just to drive the point home. No, it's not a grammatical error; it's a mic-drop punctuation mark that seals the deal. Period!

This T-shirt is your perfect armor. Grab one now and join the ranks of empowered women who refuse to be defined by anyone else's terms!

• 100% combed and ring-spun cotton
• Relaxed fit
• Pre-shrunk fabric
• Side-seamed construction
• Crew neck

Size guide

S 47 64.1 6-8 36-38 10-12
M 50.8 66 10-12 40-42 14-16
L 55.9 68 14-16 44-46 18-20
XL 61 69.9 18-20 48-50 22-24
2XL 66 71.8 22-24 52-54 26-28
3XL 71.1 73.7 26-28 56-58 30-32
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