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The White Tee (Closet Heroes)

You may be thinking that your black pumps or Little Black Dresses are the top trendy and versatile clothing pieces in your closet but actually, it’s the usual white T-shirt; the ultimate wardrobe hero.
In fact, T-shirts can be worn in a lot of really cool ways for almost any occasion and can top off a perfect trendy look because of its basic nature.
In this post, we will be giving you 6 ways you can style a white T-shirt; with the “one style fits all” staple.

Wear It as An Alternative To A Blouse With A Suit Jacket

It is regularly debated which is rarely concluded is if wearing a white T-shirt with a suit look is tacky or not. However, in case you want to follow the suit/ white T-shirt trend successfully you will need to bear in mind some major things to escape resembling “Roy in The IT Crowd” look.

Make no mistake about it the suit is one principal piece of wear for most professionals; among others that it just makes sense to make it versatile.

With that being said, you can no longer overlook pairing white tees with formal wears and a range of Oxford shirts, it is likewise suitable and also works amazingly with many casual pieces. Now, there you have it, a sensible thing as flexible as a slim-fit white T-shirt will also look good with a suit.

 Image source: Photo by Hust Wilson on Unsplash

 Wear It Tucked Into A Sophisticated Skirt.

No matter which you prefer; A-line, pleated or vintage, this classy style is really good to wear to the office or for weekend outings. The white T-shirt/ sophisticated skirt vintage look is suitable for several body figures since it cinches to one's waist and makes your legs appear longer. A casual white T-shirt is a fashionable way to match a dressier skirt for an amazing day-time or night appearance.

Jennifer hudson in Polka dot skirt and white teeJennifer hudson in Polka dot skirt and white tee











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Style It Up With A Cardigan and Scarf.

Wearing a cardigan can give a distinctive, chic touch to a possibly dull style.  Scarves are now wardrobe essentials, having many ways that it can be worn to give texture and more color to your outfit. The scarf helps you not just to dress showing your personality, but also helps in some certain weather.

White Tee with scarf and cardigan

Image Source: ShopSmart

 Wear It With A Blazer and Boyfriend Jeans.

Although a white color T-shirt can go with practically anything, it can be tricky sometimes to match it with another color. Wearing a white T-shirt with a blazer paired with boyfriend jeans and a really badass pair of heels can set the outfit ablaze!

Image Source: Model/ Kyrzayda

Wear It With A Leather Jacket.

A leather jacket is a necessary accessory, especially in the fall, for wearing over your clothes for that completed look. There are assorted styles of leather jackets such as motto, biker, asymmetrical collarless, just find whatever style that suits you. You can wear a leather jacket with a white T-shirt for an apocalyptic look. Wearing a leather jacket with your outfits is an amazing way to accessorize your outfit.

Image Source: WorldOfWomensFashion

 Wear It Loose With A Kimono.

Wearing a T-Shirt with a kimono can be the best pick for you as a “Standout” outfit because, with such a style, you can look like that fashion maven that all aspired to be. Kimonos have been a part of the latest trendy platform. Kimonos are traditionally a one size fits all and adds extra fun to your outfit for a more sophisticated look. Kyrzayda does it right with this Kimono which highlights this edgy and street style look.  

Image Source: Model/ Kyrzayda 


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